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SPINN INDIA Pune was established in year 1975 to provide measuring solutions to Bearing industries & Automotive industries with the help of wide range of pioneered products.

The company concentrated on manufacturing of Measuring Instruments to suit the specific requirements of its main users (i.e Bearing Manufacturers and Automobile Manufacturers).

The company today is only leading Manufacturer of Measuring Instruments required by Bearing Industries in this country. Since its inception the company has grown manifold mainly in terms of Product Range & Geographical spread of clientele alongwith various processes in manufacturing , inspection of components and assembly line.

The company has been successful in introducing many new models of measuring instruments useful for the bearing Industry and automotive industry which are the result of the continued efforts put in by its team. The company is proud to say that their products are used as the only standard gauges by all bearing companies in India.

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Address : W-37, Bhosari General Block, Bhosari Industrial Estate, Pune - 411026, Maharashtra , India

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Phone : +91 20 27120880
Phone : +91 66111693
Phone : +91 8080212427
Email : sales@spinnindia.com
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